As a Justice of the Peace, I have the honor of performing marriage ceremonies.  Since January 2011, I have performed over 200 ceremonies.  Because I receive so many inquiries about performing weddings, I have added wedding information to my website.  I hope you will read it and that it is helpful to you.

Performing a wedding in August 2012

To get married in Arkansas, you will need a marriage license from your County Clerk's office.  The process in Arkansas is fairly simple.  There is no waiting period.  No witnesses are required.  Please visit the Washington County Clerk's website to learn about obtaining a marriage license in Fayetteville.

Once you have a ma
rriage license, any Justice of the Peace (or other officiant) can perform your ceremony, or we can simply sign your license - no formal ceremony is required.  A list of all Washington County JPs can be found here.  The Washington County Clerk's office also maintains a list of all current and retired JPs who are willing to perform ceremonies.  You may contact that office to obtain the full list.

perform wedding ceremonies by appointment only.  I am happy to perform them during the week at my law office (479.582.6102) or on the weekend if my schedule will allow for it.  Short notice is certainly fine and sometimes works out best. If you contact me and do not hear back from me right away, please understand that I am full-time practicing attorney (in addition to my public service as a JP), so my schedule cannot always accommodate every wedding.

By law, Justices of the Peace
 cannot charge for this service, so performing weddings truly is a public service. Couples sometimes like to make a donation.  I generally try to give all the donations I receive to a non-profit organization.  For example, I have given over $1,000 to the Animal League of Washington County, a non-profit that benefits the Washington County Animal Shelter and other animal matters in the County.